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Subject: s*x
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9362 1.09.09 - 12:12am
How do you make your girlfriend scream while having s*x?call her and tell her *

borae 1.09.09 - 12:39am
Boy walk in on his mum and dad in the heat of passion, surprised the mother explains, shes on top of daddy pushing the air out of his fat belly.
boy replies
youre wasting your time mummy, when your at work lady next door comes round to blow it back in.

sparkyg 3.08.10 - 11:35pm
Faint.GIF lmao outch! *

9362 9.02.11 - 12:17am
A man and a woman were having s*x in a dark forest.After 15 minutes of fumbling,he said,d*mn i wish i had a flashlight.She said,so do i,you've been eating grass for the last 10 minutes *

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